YI-TAI Packaging’s affiliate Nanjie Color Printing Packaging Group, located in Fuzhou City, Guangdong Province, was founded in 1991. Its products include shoe boxes, color boxes, Christmas light boxes, 3C products, hang tags, stickers, manuals, etc. For the major brands in Europe, the United States, and Japan; now with the development of brands, Nanjie Packaging Group has set up color packaging companies for mainland China, Indonesia, India, Cambodia, North and South Vietnam, and Taiwan. Production services.
YI-TAI Packaging is located in Taiping District, Taichung City. It was established in 2014. It is one of the largest packaging box production bases in the central region. With the most complete and professional printing production technology and equipment, it produces the most perfect packaging products for customers.
YI-TAI Packaging adheres to the high-quality, environmental protection and diversified business philosophy, injects the vitality of technology and humanity, strives for the upgrade of the printing industry, and actively pursues automation, rapidization, reduction of process time and the development of green products. And through the overall high requirements of social responsibility, manufacturing, and environmental responsibility, build a printing factory with an international level of YI-TAI.
YI-TAI has obtained the international certifications of G7 and GMI and is actively pursuing ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 HACCP in 2020. It is expected to obtain FSC international certification in 2021, which is only the first step in the next wave of innovation and breakthroughs for Ytterbium Titanium Special Printing Co. At the same time, in addition to providing high-quality products, our true spirit and goal is to provide all customers with an unlimited space for development, while leaving future  generations with a beautiful pollution-free and pollution-free future.

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Professional PERFORMANCE

Good equipment must be operated by good talents, and good concepts must be realized by high-quality talents. We believe that only the importance of professional talent introduction and training, while constantly improving the quality of employees, is the foundation for the company’s sustainable operation and growth. We value learning ability, creativity rather than academic qualifications, and only employees who know how to make continuous progress and breakthrough ourselves can regard printing as an art and create excellent packaging products. Through the cultivation and introduction of professional talents, the play of team spirit and high-level quality requirements, YI-TAI is confident to provide all customers with the best quality products.

Reasonable PRICE

YI-TAI expects to grow and share with all customers together, while establishing long-term friendship and cooperation.
Providing high-energy output through the comprehensive services of the Packaging Group, while providing high-quality products, maintaining reasonable product prices is the only principle for YI-TAI to maintain market  competitiveness and maintain customer friendship and trust.

Customer First

Customer first is the purpose of the service industry that will never change. YI-TAI requires that the administrative  department and the design department can 100% cooperate with all customers ’manufacturing commissions,  regardless of design level, editorial modification, exchange of opinions, printing quality or delivery time Can achieve
high customer satisfaction.

Future Outlook

Only continuous self-transcendence can maintain high competitiveness and at the same time provide high-quality products forever. To this end, YI-TAI focuses on the R & D department, and constantly develops new materials,
printing processing methods, and packaging shapes. Through the never-ending research and development, customers will have more diverse and richer choices, because Beautiful packaging is the driving force behind the brilliant performance.

Social Responsibility

YI-TAI has always required the company to commit to comply with high standards of responsibility, strict audit requirements, and thorough evaluation. Ytterbium’s corporate goal is to lead the entire packaging and printing industry in terms of social responsibility and employee care. If you want to achieve this goal, you must actively
cooperate with employees to improve the standard of responsibility and have a positive impact on the industry.
YI-TAIemphasizes the minimum expectations in terms of “treating employees ethically, workplace safety, environmental responsibility, and proper business conduct”. The company complies with these standards by “protecting human rights and establishing an ethical and sustainable supply chain.

Environment PROTECTION

Due to the increasing deterioration of the ecological environment caused by a large number of industrialized pollution, environmental protection issues have become a major responsibility that every country and enterprise should bear. Leaving a clean and fresh living space for the next generation is YI-TAI’s unshirkable mission. We have made significant improvements in paper recycling and various waste reduction measures. We have fully used the right
vegetable oil ink and actively pursue ISO22000 HACCP international certification to achieve our determination to pursue perfect quality and value environmental protection.


The vigorous development of desktop operating systems and the use of computers (MAC TM, PC) to assist in design operations have become a major trend unanimously invested by world-class manufacturers and designers. In view of this global trend, YI-TAI specially introduced advanced electronic pre-press equipment and CIP3 printing system to achieve and maintain specific color standards and meet customers’ requirements for printing special colors and stable color output. Use fast Internet electronic equipment and precise processes to achieve high performance and high quality, and strive for more time and business opportunities for customers.

GREEN Printing

YI-TAI currently fully uses “full vegetable oil ink”, according to the provisions of the Nordic White Swan seal (mineral oil proportion is less than 2%), meaning that this series of inks contain almost no mineral oil, which is more environmentally friendly and more suitable for food packaging brush.

Processing STEPS


  • Epson P9000

  • Zünd Digital Cutting Systems

  • Screen PlateRite 8600NII-S

  • KOMORI Lithrone G44

  • Laminating machine VLF

  • Water base Coating

  • Corrugated Cardboard Machine

  • Hot Foil / Bronzing Machine

  • Die Cutting Machine

  • Gluing Machine

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